DAINTY APPLES|| a Business, a Change, a Life, a Record


P1020323 pic monkey

 [Stonehenge, England. (Rebecca 2012)]


Welcome friends!

Well, this is my first ever blog post and I truly feel like the new kid in school. I am unsure, I don’t know where anything is, what is expected of me, nor what I am doing here! So let me introduce myself, a bit about my background and my reasoning behind this blog.

I am Rebecca, (Hello! Nice to meet you!) I was born and raised in a small market town in Yorkshire, England but I now reside in Eastern Canada- More about me later!

Though I  have a lot of ideas and hopes for this blog and I really hope that you will stick around here long enough to watch them unfold. My primary motivation for writing this blog is to use this space, my tiny internet corner, to document and record my journey on living a creative life.

I have had some recent and exciting changes happen that I feel the need to write down and publish. Who knows my experiences might help others and if this is only for myself, then that is okay too!

So this is what you can expect, here I will share life updates, business developments, fashion and beauty, crafts/ D.I.Y’s, travel and anything else that gets my thoughts flowing!

Stay tuned…and say Hi if you are popping by!




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