TRAVEL|| Formula One:: Montreal

P1060335 picmonkey

Last year we were fortunate enough to attend the full weekend of Formula 1 racing at Montreal’s Jean Drapeau track, but this year we decided to instead enjoy the many street festivals that are put on in celebration of the Formula 1 coming to town.

On the Thursday morning (usually (9am- 12) before the weekends main event, the track is opened up so members of the public can have a walk around and see where all the action will be. There is no charge and you don’t have to have tickets for the race, just go along to the Park, line up and a bus will take you to one end of the track and pick you back up again! Not sure if it is on every year (it was on last year and this year, I suspect it will be on next year too) but it is certainly worth going along to if you are a fan.

Just a tip, this is your opportunity to meet the drivers and get an autograph, but you need to get there early and line up in order to be in with a chance! This year the times scheduled for that were 9am – 11am and drivers tended to be rotated so you didn’t know who you were going to see.

These are the pictures I captured of the morning we spent there…

P1060278 picmonkey

  ^^The Biosphere- An integral part of the Montreal skyline.

P1060279 picmonkey


P1060281 picmonkey


P1060284 picmonkey


P1060286 picmonkey



P1060295 picmonkey 2


P1060289 picmonkey


P1060292 picmonkey


P1060334 picmonkey 2


P1060333 picmonkey 2


P1060346 picmonkey



Check it out for yourselves…Montreal has recently struck another deal to continue to host the Formula One  for the next 10 years!



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