TRAVEL|| Montreal:: Mural Festival 2014

P1060382 picmonkey

The weekend of 12th June marked the second edition of the Mural festival in Montreal. It was such a beautiful day that Sunday, perfect for a lazy stroll around to look at the many artists in action.

The Mural festival featured 20 local and international artists, each artist was given wall space to create, resulting in some beautiful pieces of public art available to view all year round for free. Mainly the murals are scattered down Boulevard St Laurent, but there are a few additional pieces of art work off the Main (map available to view on line, if you were thinking of doing the walk yourself (

P1060384 picmonkey

Probably one of the most loved things about Montreal is the Summer and the abundance of free and vibrant festivals this time of year brings. Looking forward to experiencing all this pretty city has to offer this year.

P1060390 picmonkey


P1060391 picmonkey

^^This piece was definitely a favourite, the impact of its sheer scale and colour hit as we walked around the corner and were faced with its beauty. Hard to capture on film, but I was really impressed with the obvious thought process the artist had gone through, in his thinking of the location and also texture of the building.

P1060402 picmonkeyAdditionally the street was closed off for the duration of the weekend, allowing numerous stores to spill out on the street to sell outside. There were also lots of food vendors too selling street food, a good way to sample a few signature dishes the restaurants on this street are cooking up.

P1060395 picmonkey


P1060398 picmonkey


P1060406 picmonkey


P1060413 picmonkey


P1060409 picmonkey


P1060431 picmonkey


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