REVIEW|| Michael Buble ::Bell Center, Montreal

IMG_2211 picmonkey


We haven’t had access to the internet for the past two days and to be perfectly honest it has been miserable! Anyway that’s all over and we are back in touch with the world once more. Plus I get to tell you all about our weekend…

We booked impromptu (so unlike us! We were pretty proud of ourselves for living in the moment!) tickets a couple of Saturdays ago now, to see Michael Buble in concert at our local stadium, the Bell Center, Montreal. P.s his tour is on now, and if he is calling at a city near you, I definitely recommend that you go along and have yourself a fun and in- the -mood -for -love evening.

The dates Buble played the Bell Center were scheduled during the Montreal Jazz Fest. Apt because it marked an occasion ten years ago when he performed at the festival at the beginning of his career. To see how far someone has come with world wide success at his feet was inspiring, but this concert wasn’t one of untouchable success, quite the opposite, in fact the whole vibe of the concert was an intimate glimpse into his life. He managed to captivate an audience of  20,000 with sweet interludes of his personality- just a small town Canadian boy that made the big time.

Quite literally the stadium was in love with him by the finale (there were certainly lots of oooohing and ahhhing as he interacted with fans, especially the younger ones that had come to see him) and nothing felt contrived or pre- rehearsed.

A big mention should go to the big band that accompanied throughout the show, they were absolutely sensational! I always have complete admiration for those that have any ounce of musical talent and those guys and gals had it in spades! They quite deservedly got standing ovations.

Have you been?/ Planning to go and see him on tour? I would love to know.


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