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I just wanted to share something that has enriched my life recently! This is no exaggeration I think this company is really on to something and I really wanted to write about it. I am a new subscriber to this magazine subscription service, so still in the early stages of my relationship with them, but so far so good!

Since my early teens I have been an avid reader of magazines, I have never had a subscription with one, but this was only because there was no way I could choose and commit to only one title when I enjoyed numerous. Things got so bad that my room, (much to my parents disgust I am sure!) was overrun with back issues I couldn’t throw out and this only intensified with my desire to one day emulate those magazine journalists.

There have been lots of commercials on our television recently advertising ‘Next Issue’ and so it sparked my interest again at looking at magazines. What really appealed to me about this subscription service was that it was fool proof to sign up, quick and easy to pick your choice of magazines and that the magazines on offer were well known monthly’s that I would read (such as Vogue, Elle, etc).

Recently though, on the odd occasion that I have picked up a magazine from a store, I have been annoyed that inside they encourage readers to get more information on their websites. Particularly since you have paid for that issue and don’t get the full article. With ‘Next Issue’ this doesn’t feel like a problem anymore, links in articles are highlighted and easily accessible when connected to the internet on your device, making you feel even more involved.

A bonus as well is that you are able to sync up to 5 devices to your account and crucially it is only $9.99 per month! Another plus for us is that me and my husband can share the account because there are men’s magazines available.

A particularly great service if you are going away this summer, travelling etc.

Want to sign up yourself? Go to  at the moment you can benefit from a 30 day free trial to see if it would slot in to your life.

Already a member? Any magazines you think I would like? Let me know your recommendations.




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