TRAVEL|| Lake Charleston Provincial Park:: Ontario

IMG_1821.jpg picmonkey
Unbelievable, but this trip was taken way back in June! We decided to head away for a weekend, combining our getaway with a desire to try out the great Canadian past time of camping!

Now, I have been camping a few times before, but that was all in England and was a fair few years ago, so not recently enough for me to really remember if I enjoyed the outside life style or not. Guess I was soon about to find out!

We already had a tent in our possession, so all that was needed was a quick trip to an outdoor specialist store to pick up some essentials and browse the aisles in case there was anything else missing from our kit. You should have seen the trunk of our car, filled to the rafters of stuff, food and drink. Silly really as we were only away form home for one night!!

From our place, the journey to our campsite at Lake Charleston took around 3 hours, but we also made a stop off in a small town called Prescott to have some lunch by the waterside. A sweet place to stop awhile, Prescott is a small historical town on the St Lawrence river, with a main street, market and small marina there are a few things to take a look at if you need to stretch your legs. Notably the marina is a lovely place to look out over the still water and is flanked by small gardens, a little lighthouse structure and a grassy knoll where Fort Wellington sits.

P1060458.jpg picmonkey


IMG_1801.jpg picmonkey


IMG_1804.jpg picmonkey

IMG_1803.jpg picmonkey

^^Across the water you can see clearly the state of New York!

IMG_1802.jpg picmonkey


P1060454.jpg picmonkey

Lake Charleston is a serene place to explore. Its beauty has always been a magnet for tourists and its shores once housed a large hotel, although evidence of this by gone era was erased by fire.

We were here to get out in to nature so that’s what we did! Helpfully there are small trails that take you around the forests and wetland surrounding the lake and coastline. Each walk is defined by ability levels and by what you can expect to see.

IMG_1811.jpg picmonkey


IMG_1823.jpg picmonkey

IMG_1831.jpg picmonkey



IMG_1828.jpg picmonkey


P1060574.jpg picmonkey


It would be pretty cool to take a kayak out on to the lake and there were boats for hire so this is a possibility. I am obviously too much of an observer and not a participant! But for this trip we just stuck to steady ground and meandered through the expansive woodland and swampy areas.

P1060580 picmonkey


P1060568 picmonkey


P1060573 picmonkey



P1060570 picmonkey


P1060569 picmonkey

We completed three walks in total while staying at the campsite and I even came face to face with a beautiful huge deer, of course I was too slow to whip my camera out in time to capture it on film- never mind!


When we finally made it back to camp, darkness was closing in and our tummies rumbling. With not much light, all that was left to do was to light a fire, find a couple of lanterns, cook up some food and assemble s’mores all the while talking over our plans for the next day.



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