TRAVEL|| Gananoque, Thousand Islands and Kingston

P1060632 picmonkey.jpg 2

After a night of camping under the stars, our backs sore and eyes sleepy we quickly ate breakfast and got ready to depart the Lake Charleston campsite. There was lots more to see and we weren’t about to sit around any longer!

Gananoque is described as the gateway to the Thousand Islands and is a small but quaint town, it has a few interesting boutiques and a little coffee shop with a huge old fashioned cash register. It is just for show but pretty non the less. From our Lake Charleston campsite, Gananoque was only a half and hour ride away and the reason we came was to catch a river ‘cruise’ to tour the famed 1000 Islands.

Now if you are anything like me, I was brought up on TV programs that consisted of home D.I.Y, interiors and how to sell your house type shows. All of which have made me extremely nosey regarding other peoples castles! If this is you, then you will want to take this boat tour!

It was an especially beautiful hot day, one that just calls to be out on the water. So here are several photos of our time there if you would like to see.

P1060576 picmonkey


P1060575 picmonkey


P1060592 picmonkey


P1060582 picmonkey


P1060604 picmonkey


P1060603 picmonkey


P1060613 picmonkey


P1060615 picmonkey


P1060610 picmonkey


P1060596 picmonkey


P1060584 picmonkey


IMG_1840.jpg picmonkey


IMG_1841.jpg picmonkey


P1060608 picmonkey


P1060622 picmonkey



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